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Adventurer Family Camporee 2017

Registration is now going on.

* Early Registration (until Feb. 28, 2017) = $ 80.00/person 

  (with commemorative pin for the first 400 registrants)

* Regular Registration (March 1-May 31, 2017) = $ 80.00/person 

  (no commemorative pin)

* Late Registration (June 1-30, 2017) = $ 95.00/person 

  (no commemorative pin)

* 24-hour Pass (until June 30, 2017)  = $30.00/person

Download camporee registration form (in excel format)


Other Forms:

* 24-Hour Pass Visitors' List

* Medical info and Liability Release Record

* Videography/Photography Release Form

*  Adventurer Investiture Application Form   (Word)



Note:   Please ensure that your Adventurer Club is registered with the Ontario Conference this current year before registering for camporee. Club registration fee is $35 only ($45 after Jan. 31st) and insurance fee per person is $4.00, which insures your Adventurers and staff as they take part in your club activities within a 12-month period. Remember, this is a pre-requisite for your club to be allowed to join the Adventurer Family Camporee. If your club is not registered with the conference yet, your camporee registration will be returned. Deadline for the yearly club registration: February 28, 2017. 

M:P Camporee Planning Guide

To help you in your preparation for the upcoming Adventurer Camporee, a series of planning guides will be provided:

Planning Guide Part 1

Planning Guide Part 2

Adventurer Awards Worksheets (for Camporee)

About Brant Park

Brant Park is nestled in a bend on the Grand River amid the historic communities of Brantford and the County of Brant. It is a great place to spend a weekend camping, or an afternoon enjoying sun and fun at our 1.25 acre swimming pool. 

Anglers can try the waters surrounding the park, or make the short trip to Whitemans Creek. Hikers and bikers can travel the many pathways through the park or pick up the S.C. Johnson Rail Trail, which links Paris and Brantford. Many canoeists stop, or stay overnight, when making a trip down the Grand River. 

Click photo below to download brochure.

MP Theme Song


MP3 (with vocals) (LR)

MP3 (Stereo)



Words by Suzette Frias and Music by Frian Frias

Mission, Mission (say softly)


We are God's agents, trained in His service

On a mission to tell, the story of His love.


Pray and read His Word, let our light shine

Share His promises, His strength is our guide.

(Repeat I and II)


I can do all things because of Him,                                                

Yes, I can do all things because of God.


Grow like the Master, trust and follow His lead,

Spread the good news for others to hear

This mission is possible.

(Repeat Bridge and Chorus)


Mission is possible. (2x)


Mission, Mission (say softly)


Mission is possible!