Adventurer Bible Experience

ChurchTeamClub NameRanking
Agape Temple Asteroids3rd Place
Ajax Lightbearers3rd Place
Apple Creek Rising Stars3rd Place
College ParkAHeaven’s Trail2nd Place
College ParkBHeaven’s Trail3rd Place
Downsview MorningStar3rd Place
Esperanza Jesus’ Treasures3rd Place
Fairhavens Filipino Little Jewels2nd Place
Luso-BrazilianALittle Bears3rd Place
Luso-BrazilianBLittle Bears3rd Place
MississaugaA 1st Place
MississaugaB 1st Place
Mt. Zion FilipinoALight Bearers1st Place
Mt. Zion FilipinoBLight Bearers1st Place
NW BramptonATopaz3rd Place
NW BramptonBTopaz3rd Place
NW BramptonCTopaz3rd Place
ScarboroughA 3rd Place
ScarboroughB 3rd Place
Shiloh Pandas2nd Place
Spanish Bethel Peregrine Falcons3rd Place
Toronto Haitian Petits Flambeaux3rd Place
Toronto PerthABetelgeuse2nd Place
Toronto PerthBBetelgeuse3rd Place
Toronto West Brilliance3rd Place
WillowdaleALittle Warriors3rd Place
WillowdaleBLittle Warriors3rd Place
Church Club Ranking
Apple Creek Rising Stars 3rd Place
Downsview Morningstar 1st Place
Fairhavens Filipino Little Jewels 3rd Place
Luso-Brazilian Little Bears 1st Place
Mississauga 1st Place
Mt. Zion Filipino Light Bearers 3rd Place
NW Brampton Topaz 3rd Place
Scarborough 2nd Place
Toronto Haitian Petits Flambeaux 3rd Place
Spanish Bethel Peregrine Falcons 3rd Place

Click HERE to see photos taken at the 2018 Adventurer Bible Experience.


Book to Study: DANIEL (New King James Version)

Date of Conference ABE Event:  November 17, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.

Venue: Apple Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church, 700 Apple Creek Blvd., Markham, ON L3R 7X9



 Team Requirements

Teams are made up of two to six (2-6) Adventurers from a single club. Clubs may have multiple teams participate, so long as each team has at least four (4) unique Adventurers on each team.

Teams should be as complete as possible. For example a club would not be allowed to field three teams of four (4) participants, but they could field two teams of six (6) participants from that club.

 Team Categories

* Little Lambs (Age 4) and Eager Beavers (Age 5) – Daniel chapters 1-6 only 

* Adventurers (Ages 6-9) – Daniel chapters 1-12

Each team is comprised of the following:

  • 2 to 6 currently enrolled Adventurers:
  • Up to four (4) additional team members
  • An alternate
  • A non-playing COACH

Team Captain

During play, it is the duty of the TEAM CAPTAIN to listen to the consultation of the team and then tell the TEAM SCRIBE what answer to write. It is also the duty of the TEAM CAPTAIN to determine if the team wishes to challenge the decision of their GRADER after an answer is scored.

Team Scribe

During play, it is the duty of the TEAM SCRIBE to write the answer on the appropriate answer card. They are to await the final decision by the TEAM CAPTAIN before they start writing.


Each team is encouraged to have an alternate participant ready to fill in if a regular team member is unable to attend an event, or becomes ill during an event. The alternate may also switch out with a regular team member at the intermission of the game. A switch is only allowed once per game, per team.


A club staff member, pastor, or committed parent acts as the team’s COACH. Their role is to coordinate training and to motivate the team. Additional adults are welcome to assist with training, but there should be one official or “chief” coach per club in charge of coordinating the ABE efforts of the club.

Uniform requirements

All team members must be in full type A uniform in order to participate in this conference-sponsored event.

Board approval

As with all Adventurer events, the church board must vote participation approval as well as acknowledgement of the specific event dates for inclusion on the local church calendar.


Decide to Participate

Participation in The Adventurer Bible Experience should not be made lightly or at the last minute. For you to achieve the purpose of the event, the Adventurers need to have made a serious commitment to Bible study. To be fair to them, this means an early start, and thorough preparations.

Club staff are encouraged to use the selected scripture as a thematic focus for meeting worships, outreach events and other activities as this will help reinforce the content, as well as connect non-participating Adventurers with those who are studying for The Adventurer Bible Experience.

Practice Questions

Have various individuals prepare practice questions covering the sections of scripture for the year. Ask your pastor, teachers, Sabbath School leaders, parents and regular church members. You might even arrange to share practice questions with other clubs in your area or district.

Questions must stand alone and be able to be answered individually. Most should require single word or short phrase answers. The Adventurer Bible Experience does not use multiple choice questions. There should be limited use of true and false questions. Questions should always include the scriptural reference.

Sample Questions

Q: According to Daniel 1:1, who was the king of Babylon?

A: Nebuchadnezzar

Q: (2 points) According to Daniel 2:33, from what two things were the image’s feet made of?

A:  1. Iron

      2. Clay

Q: (True or False) According to Daniel 2:28, Daniel took credit for the interpretation of the king’s dream.

A: False (He gave credit to God)

Q: (Multiple choice) According to Daniel 1:7, what is the Hebrew name of Shadrach?

a. Mishael

b. Hananiah

c. Azariah

A: (b) Hananiah

Reading and Memorization

Each team member should read the full text multiple times. Many find it helpful to break the text into several blocks and have participants focus on smaller sections, so that you have two specialists on each third of the material, but make sure that each one covers all of it as well.

The age of Adventurers allows them to be masters of memorization. While it takes lots of work it is an extremely effective method of preparation for the challenge.

The Program

The Event

Times listed are approximate. Remember, the more teams participating, the more time will be required.

Event preparation by the event staff – 1:00 PM

  1.   Arrive at the site far enough ahead of the starting time to have set up complete before the teams arrive.
  2. Confirm that the building is open, lights are on, temperature is set, and rest rooms are accessible.
  3. Set up the equipment.
  4. Set up the tables and chairs for the QUIZ MASTER, CLERK and the three APPEAL JUDGES.
  5. Set up seating for the participating teams. Six members plus a GRADER.
  6. Set up chairs near the teams for their COURIER. One COURIER for every four teams.

Event preparation by the team – Times vary according to distance

  1. Be dressed in full dress uniform.
  2. Arrive at the site on time.

Staff Briefing – 2:00 PM

  • The ABE COORDINATOR meets with the event staff to review policies and answer questions and has prayer with them.

Team Check in – 2:30 PM

  • As the team checks in they are assigned a circle of chairs (or a couple of pews).
  • They are given their answer cards and their pen.
  • They are introduced to the GRADER.
  • Team members turn over all electronic devices, Bibles, and notes in their possession to club staff or attending parents.



Welcome – 3:00 PM

  • The QUIZ MASTER welcomes the group and introduces the staff and the participating teams.

Opening Exercises – 3:05 PM

  • Prayer
  • Pledge and Law
  • Adventurer Song

Song Service (Optional) – 3:10 PM

  • Two or three songs

Instructions – 3:15 PM

  • The QUIZ MASTER reviews the rules of play listed under Quiz Part 1. The rules should be projected on the screen while the QUIZ MASTER reviews them.
  • They also review the grounds for disqualification and expulsion as listed in the manual and remind them that no one on the team may have any electronic device on their person during the event.
  • Remind the audience and the teams that Christian decorum is expected of all present.

Quiz Part 1 – 3:20 PM

  • Half the questions will be asked during part 1.
  • The first question is projected on the screen and the QUIZ MASTER reads it twice. If the question is worth more than one point the QUIZ MASTER will announce the point value before reading the question. For example, “For two points, name Lazarus’ two sisters.”
  • When the QUIZ MASTER has read the question twice, the CLERK starts the stop watch and runs it for 10 seconds. During this time the team discusses and determines the answer. The TEAM CAPTAIN makes the final decision and tells the scribe what to write.
  • At 10 seconds the CLERK will call “Time” and the TEAM SCRIBE must write, without hesitation, the answer on the pre-numbered paper for that question.
  • Answers may be written before time is called.
  • After an appropriate pause of about 3 seconds for the TEAM SCRIBE to write the answer. The QUIZ MASTER will change the slide and read the answer twice. A longer pause would be made for multipart answers.
  • At this time the GRADER will determine if the team correctly answered the question and writes the question score on the score card and keeps a running total of the teams complete score. If the team did not have an answer decided when “Time” was called, they do not receive

points for their answer.

`• If the team feels that the GRADER scored them incorrectly, they say to the GRADER “Challenge.” The GRADER then takes the answer card and gives it to a COURIER, who walks the card to the APPEAL PANEL. The APPEAL PANEL JUDGES consider the answer and determine the

final point value of the answer, writing the score on the card. Their decision is final. No additional appeal is allowed. The COURIER then returns the card to the GRADER who adjusts the score per the APPEAL PANEL instructions.

Regular play continues while appeals are being made.

GRADERS may not refuse a challenge.

The APPEAL PANEL may deny a team the right to appeal if the team is felt to be challenging every wrong answer they get. However the Appeal Panel should be very cautious in their decision to deny a team for further appeals, just as the team should be reasonable in the frequency of their challenges.

  • At the end of the half the QUIZ MASTER announces intermission.
  • The GRADER writes in the total score for the half on the Scorecard.

Intermission – 3:55 PM

  • 5 minutes
  • During this time the GRADER double checks the running totals.
  • During intermission, a team may choose to replace one of their team members with their designated alternate.

Quiz Part 2 – 4:00 PM

  • The second half of the questions are asked.
  • Play proceeds in the same manner as outlined in Quiz Part 1.
  • At the end of play, the GRADER writes the second half total on the score card and also total for both halves.
  • The GRADER double checks the second half total, and the final total.
  • The GRADER then takes the score card to the CLERK.

Devotional (Optional) – 4:35 PM

  • A 10 minute devotional based on the section of scripture that is being covered.
  • This also gives the CLERK time to finalize the awards.



Presentation of Awards – 4:45 PM

  • The ABE COORDINATOR or the QUIZ MASTER will present the awards earned during the event. Every team receives an award, as all are winners as the children of God.
  • To lessen the competitive spirit, exact points are not given or stated publicly during the program. Only the place standings are announced.
  • Standings are announced by calling the clubs in alphabetical order and stating their standing. It is ABE policy that specific scores are never announced or released.
  • Each team receives a Certificate of Participation.

Closing Prayer – 4:58 PM


Seventy (70) Questions will be asked. Points are awarded for correct answers. Ranking are established by “grading on the curve.”

Ranking is as follows:

  • A score of 90% or above, as compared to the top score earned at that event, earns the

team a first place standing.

  • A score of 80-89%, as compared to the top score earned at that event, earns the team a second place standing.
  • A score 79%, as compared to the top score earned at that event, or below earns the team a third place standing.




Individual Disqualification

A team member will be disqualified if they are not wearing the complete dress uniform or if they are not in grades 1-4.

Coaches are to see that each team member is in proper uniform.

Point Disqualification & Team Expulsion

Any points earned during play, while being coached, commented to, or prodded by an audience member through any channel or method will be revoked.

A second instance during the same day of play will result in the team being expelled from play.



Personnel & their Duties

Personnel are appointed by the Ontario Conference Adventurer Council (OCAC) in consultation with the Conference Adventurer Director/ABE Coordinator.

Quiz Master

The QUIZ MASTER acts as host and MC for the event, and reads the questions. They read each question twice. It is recommended that the ABE COORDINATOR not be the QUIZ MASTER so that they may deal with issues that may arise during play.


The CLERK, with the use of a stopwatch or other technology, regulates the 10 second discussion period while the team determines the answer that would be recorded. The time begins after the question is read twice by the QUIZ MASTER.

The CLERK will call the end of time, loud enough for all the participating teams to hear.

The CLERK receives the completed score cards from each GRADER and tabulates final team standings.

The CLERK is appointed by the OCAC. He/she should be an adult with no specific club affiliation.


Each team needs an adult GRADER. They must be from a different club than the one they are grading, and preferably not affiliated with any club.

The GRADERS’ job is to determine if the answer given by the team is correct or not. Once they have made the determination they record the score.

The GRADER keeps track of the team’s answer score and cumulative score on the teams score sheet. See Score sheet in forms section of this manual.

At intermission and at the end of the round they will double check the running total for accuracy.

It is also the GRADERS duty to watch for inappropriate communication between team members and anyone in the audience. Any points earned during play, while being coached, commented to, or prodded by an audience member through any channel or method will be revoked by the GRADER, and reported to the ABE COORDINATOR.

A second instance of coaching, etc., during the same day of play will result in the team being disqualified.

Specific Issues of Grading

Accurate spelling is not required, but the answer must be recognizable. To assist with accurate grading, the answer sheet for any question that has three (3) or more points should be given to the GRADER while the answers are given by the QUIZ MASTER so they can be checked off one by one.

The Adventurer Bible Experience questions are not multiple choices. Therefore, additional answers given beyond the number requested are not accepted. The team must cross off any answer they do not want in the list or the first answers will be the accepted ones.

Direct quotes from the Bible and fill in the blanks must be exact words in the exact order.

Appeal Panel Judge

Three (3) adults serve as APPEAL PANEL JUDGES. APPEAL PANEL JUDGES determine the teams score for a grade they have challenged on a specific question.

APPEAL PANEL JUDGES should be individuals with Biblical knowledge and a keen sense of fair play and justice. Pastors, church elders or Bible teachers would be excellent candidates for these positions.

The panel also meets one hour before the event to review the questions and confirm that they are as clear as possible. If there is any change made in a question, it must be modified on the judges printed question list, AND the electronic file the QUIZ MASTER uses.



Specific issues on Judging

Direct quotes from the Bible with fill in the blank answers must be exact words in the exact order.

The judges are to uphold the answers given by the QUIZ MASTER for each question. If the answer is different than the one given by the QUIZ MASTER, it can only be accepted if it is found to be correct in the printed version of the New King James Version.


In case of a challenge, a COURIER walks the contested answer sheet to the APPEAL PANEL JUDGES. The ABE COORDINATOR will provide a COURIER for every four teams or fraction thereof. COURIERS can be Pathfinders or non-playing Adventurers. Once the APPEAL PANEL JUDGES have made a decision, the COURIER will return the contested answer sheet back to the team GRADER for grade updating.



Song Leader

A SONG LEADER, pianist, guitarist, or praise team to lead a short song service at the beginning of the event.

Devotional Speaker

Someone to give a 10 minute devotional based on the section of scripture that is being covered.