Adventurer Family – United in Worship

As a continuing effort to provide spiritual support to Adventurer family during these difficult times, we will be launching the “Ontario Conference Adventurer Family – United in Worship” online series on May 2-9 at 7:30 pm nightly to be livestreamed on the Ontario Adventurers Facebook (FB) page. This kicks off on May 2nd (Adventurer Sabbath) and will continue through the next Sabbath (May 9th).

All Adventurer families are invited to join this Adventurer week of prayer, praise, and worship (May 2-9). By tuning in and joining the online conference-wide family worship at 7:30-8:00 pm nightly, we will experience the true meaning of being “United in Worship.” You may type on the comment section of our FB page where you’re watching from and which club you represent. Prayer requests and “shout outs” will be appreciated too.